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Greetings Dear Friends…From The HOPE.

Do you remember Phyllis and her family and the crisis of need they were in? We met Phyllis and her family several years ago through our friends at Morgan-Scott Project. It’s one of the over 50 mountain ministry centers that we are so privileged to serve throughout the various rural Appalachian communities we go to. Their Director, Ella Smith, contacted me about this dear family trying to do it on their own. And the single mother Phyllis was determined to complete her education and become a registered nurse. And then get a good paying job that could help make their lives better.

The Mission of Hope got involved and helped the entire family in a variety of ways. But Phyllis\’s faith, resolve, and determination have carried her forward in her life\’s journey and now helped her fulfill a dream that is a powerful affirmation of how God can uplift and sustain us through the darkest of days.

Please enjoy this wonderful story that our friends at WBIR-TV have put together about Phyllis\’s Journey. A special thank you to our long time MOH friends Bill Williams & Brian Holt who traveled to Lincoln Memorial University for Phyllis\’s graduation ceremony.

My dear friends to this humble ministry; Phyllis\’s story represents a \”Trilogy of Hope\” in my view. She and her family had a tremendous need and desperately needed someone to help them. Morgan-Scott knew Phyllis was genuine and was truly trying to make a better life for her family. The Mission of Hope gave Phyllis “A Hand Up” when she needed it the most.

Thanks for all you do to help us extend True HOPE in so many ways.

Sincerest Regards;
Emmette Thompson, Executive Director – Mission of Hope

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