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Greetings dear friends from The HOPE.

Doing what we do, day after day with our Scholarship Program you do sometimes wonder if you are making any difference in the lives of students such as those we feel so privileged to serve. I would like to share with you some of the recent letters of gratitude we have received from some our Mission of Hope scholar heroes. May they truly uplift and bless your hearts. You really are helping us make a difference in many lives.

Thanks for your friendship & support and for all you do to help us extend The HOPE.

Sincerest Regards;
Emmette Thompson, Executive Director – Mission of Hope


Hello friends at Mission of Hope!

First of all, I want to say how thankful I am for your help! My first two years of college have been wonderful. You all have made it easier for me to breathe, not only because you took a huge financial burden from me, but also because I know you all care so much about me, and about every other student that you all are currently helping. It is easy to see that the people at Mission of Hope really want success for their students.

College has been an amazing experience for me. I have loved the classes, the people I met, and the opportunities that have popped up along the way. This semester I am finishing up my General Education classes. I got accepted into the Bachelor\’s of Science in Nursing Program at LMU this Fall! I\’m so excited to start learning. The program takes two years to get through, then I\’ll have my Bachelor\’s degree, and I\’ll be ready to start my career!

I would greatly appreciate it if you all continued to help me through the 2014/2015 school year. I\’m so close to being done with school and I am so determined to finish. I will never forget how much you all have done for me, through the scholarships, the laptop, the banquets that were so uplifting, my mentor… I can\’t even begin to thank you all enough for the help you\’ve already given me!

Also, most importantly, you encourage us to remember that God loves everyone. God has His hand on our shoulder at all times and is sending us in the right direction. I\’m glad that Mission of Hope constantly reminds us to look to God.

I\’m so glad that He put you all in my life. He knew I needed you.

Thanks so much, Macy


Dear Mission of Hope:

I would first and foremost like to say, I’m so blessed to have had the support and encouragement that you’ve provided me throughout this journey in my life and I can’t even express how grateful I am! So far, things have gone greatly and, luckily, smoothly while at the University of Kentucky. I have had some of most wonderful and caring teachers, who have gone out of there way to help me succeed, I also have been given so many opportunities to do so much, such as joining a few of campuses leadership and community service organizations. These opportunities have allowed to me grow as person and as leader, for an instance, this semester I was recently involved in 24-hour dance marathon supporting pediatric cancer called, DanceBlue. This event has since then been one of the highlights of my college experience, while not only raising over $1.4 million (Yes, I said MILLION) in proceeds, I was blessed enough to get to see and interact with some patients benefitting from this organization. It is events and organizations like these, that make me realize how blessed I am, to be able to go to a school that is able to such amazing tasks, all of which would never be possible with out the help of all of you at Mission of Hope. You have all shined such a great light of joy and happiness into my life, and I only hope I can do what you have done for me, to others throughout my life.

It is with this, I would like to ask for a renewal of my scholarship for the 2014-2015 school year. With this renewal it will enable to stay at the University of Kentucky, a place where my heart has grown to fully love, and has allowed myself to grow and develop into one of the campuses leaders, while also allowing me to continue serve and give back to those organizations that provides support to community of Lexington, like the support you have provided for me.

May God bless and watch over you as you have for me, I am eternally grateful for people like you!

Sincerely; Austin


Dear Mission of Hope,

This semester I am a second semester nursing student at WSCC. I am doing my clinical hours at Morristown Hamblen Hospital. I really love nursing and I love all my instructors they are all so very helpful. I am doing ok just keeping my nose in the books all the time, seems like studying is all I ever do but I know it will pay off in the end. I made an A on my first nursing test this semester, I was so happy and I couldn’t believe it I really hope I can continue do keep that up. I have to more semesters at WSCC. I will graduate from WSCC in May 2015, but I don’t plan on stopping there I will then transfer to UT to get my BSN and continue my education. Words can’t express how much you all mean so much to me. Sometimes I think I am not going to be able to do this and I think about you all praying for me and that helps me to keep going. I love being a part of this scholarship and knowing I have people there to help me, I really don’t know what I would do without you. I am so thankful to have you all helping me and would be so appreciate with your continued help and most of all your prayers because without God and prayers I couldn’t do anything.

Thank you; Delilah

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