Greetings, Dear Mission Of Hope Friends;

We were very blessed to be able to go and assist with the recent RAM Health Clinic in Grundy, VA.  I don\’t know what the final number of Patients seen was…But I know that every one of them desperately needed some type of Healthcare assistance.  Many different types of Healthcare Services were provided; by Volunteer Doctors, Nurses, and various others who came and worked very hard and extremely long hours. And I watched myself, as several dear folks there had 5 or 7 or even 10 or more teeth pulled…And were very grateful and appreciative of the care they were given.

The Mission Of Hope provided 1,000 each of Toothbrushes, Toothpastes, Soap Bars and Shampoo Bottles, and the bags to put them in.  We were blessed to have Students from The Appalachian School Of Pharmacy; pack and distribute each one of them.  We were also blessed to have a Clown Ministry Team go as well, to bring some sunshine and joy; to the Children and Adults who were present there…And many were in pain.  But even with all of their pain…They waited their turn and didn\’t complain.

This organization is doing an incredible job and their services are extremely needed; even more now than perhaps ever before.  We also were blessed to give out Prayer Tracts.  After all…We all need Prayer.

Thanks for your friendship and support and for all you do to help us extend The Hope.

Sincerest Regards;
Emmette Thompson, Executive Director – Mission of Hope

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