Mission of hope serving rural appalachia.

New Year’s Greetings Dear Mission Of Hope Friends…From The HOPE.

We have been richly blessed this past year with the privilege of Serving those in extreme poverty throughout rural Appalachian Communities. Working with Elementary Schools and Mountain Ministry Centers located in very depressed areas, we feel we are making a difference helping them assist those in dire need there. Our hearts truly break for those that are struggling in areas that offer little opportunity for new jobs or prosperity. With the closure of more and more coal mines, there are very serious economic challenges, which have also led to the closure of other businesses.

We do Ministry in a variety of ways here at The HOPE. Envision a tree with two roots and seven branches. The two roots we serve the rural poor through are Schools and Mountain Ministry Centers. The seven branches are Evangelism, Back To School Program, College Scholarships, Resource Distribution, Economic Development, Christmas Program, and Construction. It’s a good approach to help Serve those in dire need and yet ensure accountability for our Supporters. Last year we put 88 cents of every dollar back into our Ministry. We are humbly grateful to be good stewards of God’s provision and harvest.

Doing what we do year after year…it’s an incredible blessing to know that people believe in your cause and support your Ministry efforts. We so appreciate those who deem us worthy of their Donations and their Volunteer time…and we are immensely grateful for them.

Thanks For Your Friendship And Support…Thanks For Your Prayers…Thanks For Helping Us Extend True HOPE In Rural Appalachia. May God Bless You And Your Families…With Hope Filled Hearts This New Year.


Sincerest Appreciation,
Emmette Thompson – Executive Director

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