Greetings Dearest Friends… From The HOPE.

This Christmas, we will be serving thousands of Students and their Families, in extremely depressed rural Appalachian Communities.  We will bring them brand New Toys and New Warm Clothing… Non-Perishable Food and Hygiene items.  Our Mission of Hope Friends and Supporters… will show them love and compassion.  It will hopefully be a day for all who are present… that they will cherish special memories made, for the rest of their Lives.

Without question, the Greatest Gift we will bring to those we Serve… will be New Bibles and Tracts, for all those who would like to have them.  So today is the day we exercise an incredible “Leap of Faith” … as we order almost 10,000 new Bibles.  This is indeed a large purchase for our humble Ministry… but without hesitation one we must make. 

So now… we will trust that GOD will touch the Hearts of those that can provide the Financial Harvest… that only HE knows we need.  May I humbly appeal for your compassionate support; if you feel led to do so.  I feel with all of my heart… that we MUST share The Word with those God has allowed us to Serve.  It truly is for all of us… The Greatest Source Of True HOPE.

Thank You For Your Friendship… And For Helping Us Extend The Truest HOPE

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