2012 Christmas Campaign Blue Barrel Collections
Friday, November 16 – Monday, December 3

This year, more than ever, we need your help! Most of us are blessed every day with warm homes, warm clothes, plenty of food, and employment to provide for our needs. Yet there are many people who live in rural areas that are struggling to provide even the basic necessities for their children each and every day. Most of these people want to work and provide for their families in the way many of us take for granted. However, their community is overwhelmed with extreme poverty.

This will be the 17th year for our Christmas Campaign. From our first campaign helping 150 children in 1996; we are preparing to help over 17,000 children and their families this year with food, hygiene, new clothing & new toys. Our 2012 Christmas Campaign Blue Barrel Collections begin on Friday, November 16 and continues through Monday, December 3.

Volunteers are also needed in the following tasks: Office Workers, Hospitality Desk, Barrel Pick Up, Administrative Helpers, Sorting and Packing, Warehouse Workers, Truck Loaders, Pick Up Drivers, and various other tasks

At Christmas, we focus on New Items Only; primarily because many of the children and families we assist only get new items at this time of year.

A list of the suggested items can be found on our web site – Suggested Items. These items will greatly benefit the children in the schools we assist. Children are school aged and range from Pre-School to 8th Grade. Please call for additional needs.

Your involvement and support will be greatly appreciated whether you choose to help as a volunteer or if you want to make a donation financially or of new items. Mission of Hope is a fully licensed 501c3 non-profit charity so your donation is tax deductible. You can send a check to:

Mission of Hope
P.O. Box 51824
Knoxville, TN 37950

If you have questions, want more information or to make donations by phone, please contact the Mission of Hope office at 865-584-7571 or by E-mail to [email protected]. You can also make a donation online via PayPal through the Mission of Hope web site.

Thank you for the compassionate support you continue to show to this humble Appalachian Relief Ministry, as we continue to share our love, concern and Hope for these very proud and deserving families.


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