Mission of Hope



Annual Christmas Campaign & Blue Barrel Collections Christmas Campaign & Blue Barrel Collections Most of us are blessed every day with warm homes, warm clothes, plenty of food, and employment to provide for our needs. Yet there are many people who live in rural areas that are struggling to provide even the basic necessities for their […]

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Back-to-School Program

Do you remember how much fun it was to get new school supplies when you were a child? Parents want their children to have everything they need for a good education, but in Appalachia, this privilege is sometimes an impossibility. The Mission of Hope needs your help with its Back to School program. The 2019 […]

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Scholarship Programs

The most basic needs of children are met by improving their quality of life. We do this when we provide them with food, clothing and shelter. Our goal now is to provide them with the opportunity to secure a better future through education. We are blessed to give out scholarships in rural schools where in […]

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