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Mission of Hope is a ministry that provides essential resources for students and families living with poverty across rural Appalachia.

Where do we serve?

We do most of our outreach in former coal mine boom towns that are now, in many cases, struggling to simply exist.  These areas are now caught in a cycle of poverty that is creating a generational crisis.  The Mission of Hope is committed to breaking this cycle.

A map showing the counties being served by Mission of Hope Kentucky.
*The highlighted counties are the ones currently being served by Mission Of Hope Kentucky.
A group of children are laughing while sitting on the floor.

Elementary Schools

We serve 16 elementary schools in six counties in Southeast KY. Twice a year, our delivery teams go to the schools and spend time with the kids, giving them a dose of hope for a brighter future.  This is accomplished through the following programs:

  • Back to School – Mission of Hope Kentucky volunteers go into the school to help kick off the school year and hand out school supplies such as backpacks, paper, pens, pencils, folders, glue, crayons, etc. By doing this we hope to help 10,000 children start the school year on an equal playing field and be set up for a successful school year.
  • Christmas Program – When the holiday season comes around, our Mission of Hope volunteer teams are back in the schools for our Christmas program. Every child will receive two brand-new toys and hygiene products. The percentage of children with the biggest need, will receive a food box for their family as well as new clothes that include: a coat, hats and gloves, jeans, long sleeve shirt, underwear, socks, and a pair of shoes. Between schools and our ministry centers, we serve over 13,000 children at Christmas.
A group of graduates raising their hats in the air.

Mission of Hope Scholarships

At Mission of Hope, we believe getting an education is the greatest tool to help break the cycle of poverty. Our program recognizes that many students face significant barriers to higher education such as financial need, lack of resources, and other challenges.  Through the Mission of Hope Scholarship program, these students are given the opportunity to purse their dreams and achieve their full potential. In 2009, the Mission of Hope began awarding scholarships at each of the 13 high schools in the Rural Appalachian areas where we serve. Students who receive these scholarships may pursue an education at a 2-year, 4-year, trade or vocational school. Funds permitting, the scholarships are renewable as long as the student remains in good standing at their school.

A group of graduates raising their hats in the air.

Mountain Ministry Centers

We partner with Mountain Ministry Centers located throughout Appalachia.  These centers are a source of help and hope, making sure the people in the communities get what they need every single day. We partner by sharing with them various resources we receive that they can, in turn, distribute to their communities.

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