Our Delivery Trips Are Almost Complete!
30 Elementary Schools!!
Almost 12,000 Students!!!
The Continuation Of Our Dedicated Commitment To Help Students Start The New School Year With All The School Supplies They Will Need To Be Their Best…
The Affirmation That We Believe Without Hesitation That Getting An Education Is Imperative To Breaking The Cycle Of Poverty…
The Heartfelt Desire From All Of Us In The Mission Of Hope Family That Regardless Of The Challenging Circumstances, We\’re Willing To Adapt And Be Flexible And Still Serve Them…
We Are Humbly Grateful For All Of Those Who Have Helped Us This Year. We Truly Cherish The Privilege That GOD Had Given Us…To Be HIS Servants.

Thanks For Your Friendship And Support And For All You Do To Help Us…Extend True And Genuine HOPE.
Emmette Thompson
Executive Director
Mission Of Hope

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