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Scholarship Program

For many, life is a constant struggle. Our challenge is to give HOPE to all those who face struggles.

The men and women of Appalachia are a proud people with a long heritage of self-reliance and independence. They have been blessed with the natural beauty of mountains as their home for many generations.

Unfortunately, so many families in Appalachia have lost hope for a successful future. They only see the results of poverty, broken families, job loss and the reality of depleted coal mining economics. Hope is generated when they are given a chance to leave dependency behind.

There are many places around the world that could use your help, but right here is where you have opportunity to make a difference in your own backyard, Appalachia.  

Mission of Hope has been blessed with some wonderful seed money, but it needs your help to continue its efforts to provide additional educational opportunities to help dreams come true for the children of Appalachia who are deserving of more than just a high school education.

Give the Gift of Hope through our Scholars Program

The Mission of Hope is a Christian Based Ministry sharing Hope with our less fortunate neighbors in the rural Appalachia communities located in Tennessee, Kentucky and Virginia through goods, resources, services and volunteers.

The most basic needs of children are met by improving their quality of life. We do this when we provide them with food, clothing and shelter. Our goal now is to provide them with the opportunity to secure a better future through education.

The Mission of Hope presently has two established Endowed Scholarships:

- The Bill and Michael Williams Family Endowed Scholarship established in 2004 at Alice Lloyd College in Pippa Passes (Knott County) KY.

- The Dedrick Andrew (Andy) Courtney Endowed Scholarship established in 2005 at Lincoln Memorial University in Harrogate (Claiborne County) TN.

HOPE Scholars Program

Mission of Hope is now awarding a $2,500 tuition scholarship to a graduating senior from each of the 13 high schools that students from the 27 elementary schools Mission of Hope serves. We want students to realize that a good education is the real key to a more successful and brighter future.

Graduating seniors who receive these scholarships may pursue a four-year college degree, an associate degree, or certification in an area of training from a trade or vocation school  Mission of Hope wants to give each student the opportunity to train in a field of their choice and become a successful wage-earning citizen. They, too, will know how important and satisfying it is to become a contributing member of their neighborhood and community.

Criteria for Scholarship Recipients

Student selection is based on:

- Financial need
- An overall 2.5 grade point average
- Excellent potential for additional education
- Good character qualities
- Work experience