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Resource Ministry

Mission of Hope does not provide assistance to individuals direct, but instead through the schools and small ministries that we support in Southern Appalachia. Please contact these schools and ministries for any specific assistance you may need. Mission of Hope offers the following programs and services to the schools and ministries.

Gifts In Kind - Our Resource Ministry involves some wonderful donations which are given to us and we in turn pass them on to the various schools and mission efforts we assist in Southeast Kentucky, Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia.  We have been blessed to receive various items from time to time that we could never afford to purchase.

We are continuing to receive many requests for the following items that are desperately needed at Schools and Ministry Centers we serve:

Food – canned goods, soups, canned meats and stews, peanut butter, pasta, crackers

Hygiene items – bar soap, shampoo, toothbrushes and toothpaste

Furniture & Appliances – good used beds, dining suites, sofas & chairs, stoves &

Bibles, tracts and Christian books

Pressure Treated Lumber for our construction teams to build handicap ramps.

If you can help the Mission of Hope with any of these items, we will be grateful. Perhaps your church and/or business would like to help. Please call the Mission of Hope office for more details.